Kingdom of Leo v 5.1

OMG! Let me fill you in on what has been happening in the Kingdom of Leo…

A little history…I have been blogging on Kingdom of Leo since 2004. Everything was fine until one day, my blog got hacked and I had one of those red-page malware warnings on my website. I backed up my blog and set to starting over, figuring I could import the old blog files. Guess what? That didn’t work, so at that time, I love approximately ten years of blogging.

More recently, I had a problem on September 20 of this year where I had to start over again. I was running WordPress with Twenty Sixteen theme and Wordfence plug-in and still encountered a problem: my blog would not display, but I could see everything in my WordPress admin panel.

Completely disgusted by GoDaddy (my website hosting provider) and WordPress (blog), I set to designing my own blog. That took one day. Because I only had a months worth of posts, I decided to recreate them. That also took about one day. However, in the midst of recreating posts, I decided to test and discovered that my index in one folder was disappearing off the remote root directory after upload. After several calls to GoDaddy – who were not helpful at all because while they provide access to download WordPress, they offer no support for the program.

I was finally able to detect the problem: I had copyrighted images on my file and GoDaddy servers were kicking it back. I rectified my problem by taking a screenshot of the image and posting that instead. I will deal with copyright infringement when it rears it’s ugly head.

So now that I don’t think it was WordPress, I am ready to try it one more time. Easier said than done. I cannot apply Twenty Sixteen theme because the version (4.3.1) of WordPress does not support it. How the fuck did I have it on my blog before!

So now I am using Twenty Fifteen for ease and convenience. My biggest problem now is that I want to reconstruct my posts, but have two afghans I need to finish before xmas. Aiyaaa!

What The Fuck?


OMG! This morning I went to blog about my cancer and my potential car purchase and discovered that my posts were not displaying on my WordPress blog…just the header. It hasn’t even been a month, I added Wordfence plug-in for protection and still my blog got hacked or something…because GoDaddy sure as hell has not definitive answers. And because WordPress is open source code, it is liable to attacks. I can’t understand how it is rated number one among blog applications. Since I started blogging, I have had to start my blog over at least five or six time.

I have had it…I will simply make my own blog. While it may be simple, it will provided the much needed outlet for me. While I would love the notoriety that I hoped one day would come, it hasn’t, I’m getting old, and I am tired of waiting.

I did like WordPress, but the consistent hacking of my personal website is just intolerable. I’m a nobody – some people have way too much time on their hands.

In The End…

So after creating my own blog template yesterday, I tested it and found some issues. Not in the mood to deal with any more issues, I decided to download WordPress once again. However, this time I also downloaded the Wordfence plug-in, hoping that it would provide some form of protection.

Still I am not 100% pleased with the template I chose – Twenty Fifteen – and may have to change to one that allows for more color customization. While I am a big fan of black and white, when it comes to visuals I prefer color…and lot’s of it!

I better make a decision today before I have way too many posts that need alteration.

Do Over

Congratulations to the idiots that had nothing better to do in life than hack my personal blog of eleven years of journalism, forcing me to delete it and start over again.

Hope you’re happy!

Because I am so over WordPress open source software, which facilitated the hack of my blog, I have decided to maintain a manual blog, keeping it simple…and safe! The funny thing is that the simplicity of my blog reminds me of the television show Doogie Howser, M.D. I always admired how he blogged/journaled at the end of the show. Actually, that was my inspiration to start blogging after I learned hypertext markup language and graphic design.

As my life progressed, I found the value in journalism: it helps me to figure things out at times. Something about writing down what I am thinking slows me down and give me an opportunity to figure things out.

So here’s to a new beginning.