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It’s amazing how involved a post can be. I started posting about 20:00 March 3 which lead to me creating Madea Goes to Jail (2009), Derek Luke, RonReaco Lee, Vin Diesel, Boris Kodjoe and Henry Simmons. Because my new post … Continue reading

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How You Like Me Now?

Resume updated to include my recent job activity. Yay for AAA! I just received a $61 rebate on my 12-month insurance premium for being a good driver. You know, I am paying $60 less than I was paying at Geico … Continue reading

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Where To Start?

I finally finished my review of The Duchess. Considering I took my parents and brother to see Coraline in 3-D on Saturday, I had better catch up. As a result of my reviews, I updated Ralph Fiennes and knighted Matt … Continue reading

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Here comes the rain again…

…falling on my head like a memory. The memory being Florida and the glorious rainstorms. Despite a biting chill that comes with California rain, I feel like I am in my element. Being a cancerian, I guess that statement holds … Continue reading

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2009 Academy Award Nominations

The Oscars will air February 22, 2009 live at 17:00 PST/20:00 EST on the ABC, hosted by Hugh Jackman. Best Picture The Curious Case of Benjamin ButtonFrost/Nixon Milk The Reader Slumdog Millionaire Best Director Danny Boyle – Slumdog MillionaireStephen Daldry … Continue reading

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Angel and the Reruns

Yesterday while updating my music database, I ran into a issue with Buffy Come Back by Angel and the Reruns. I could not find original album information. While researching, I came across the website of Hillary Carlip – Angel of … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

Ever since I decided that new year is an individual holiday based on the day one is born, I have not been a big fan of celebrating on the new year eve. Forget that my history reflects my having been … Continue reading

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R U A True Christian?

It is pleasing to King Leo to know that all christians are not whacked out bible freaks. Ella Enchanted sent me this post from san diego:dialed in: The billboard can be viewed at the corner of University & 30th, above … Continue reading

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The cheese stands alone…

I emailed the Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association again, trying to rectify the animal cheese injustice for goats. The original issue manifested in April of this year and I have yet to even receive a reply from the WCMA. I almost … Continue reading

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Moose Knuckle

Because camel toe has a sister. Tu sabes! I just heard on the news that Ms. Etheridge will not pay taxes until gays can marry. Haleluya! I hear you sister, but while I certainly agree that if I am not … Continue reading

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