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King Acres Addition

If this posts successfully the first time, I will be amazed, as it took me a few days to determine if I had assembled this birthday gift from Monica properly — add to that the fact that since I quit … Continue reading

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Phil’s Birthday Bash of Happyness

I was in the middle of creating a flash slideshow, when I realized I could just embed the video I created. Doh!

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Look what I can do!

A schoolmate of mine from school told me about this video of me receiving my achievement award at the 2008 Venice Skills Center commencement ceremony.

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Save the Date: July 12, 2009

I signed up for free admission on my birthday, so I am expecting a coupon. Now I have a way of a making an announcement!

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Exactly what I have been saying…

Okay how wierd is this? I have been inundated with adorable animal videos recently. Bonnie Hunt shared one on her Brian Williams show and yesterday Ellen shared the following on her show. This morning I open my email and find … Continue reading

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In Between Holidays

I uploaded my xmas video of Mojo. I still end up on YouTube Spain. I don’t know why, but at least that is one less thing I have to contend with. I really need to make a list of things … Continue reading

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The Simpsons Intro Lego-style

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Sin excusa!

This is what I have been trying to communicate to the staff at the Venice Family Clinic. I am repeatedly told at the center that I should be expected to wait one to two hours for attention when visiting with … Continue reading

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Clouds in my coffee?

Now I can get a little culture in my coffee. I discovered this video courtesy The Coffee Lady, a schoolmate, who is using this video in a mock website she is creating.

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Leprechaun Sighting in Mobile, Alabama

I went over to Quifer’s home to help him with his website and getting it uploaded. I was thinking last night of taking an oath of silence with respect to KOL and restricting my entries to visual input. If you … Continue reading

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