Vote Purple!

Vote Purple

And then the creative side of me took over and here is the first of the marketing collateral…ha ha ha ha ha!

Note the difference in type. If this concept ever takes off, that first political service announcement on behalf of this political ideology will be a collectors’ item…ha ha ha ha ha!

Purple because it is a combination of red (republicans) and blue (democrats), integrating both parties of average citizenry into larger group that might realize the power they have to change and improve government to cater to the people’s needs.

Flamingo: Flock mentality symbolizing unity and sameness of species; promoting Social Democracy versus Capital Democracy.

Okay…need more inspiration…gonna go watch more Pee-Wee’s Playhouse…ha ha ha ha ha!

Channeling Energy

I have never been a huge fan of politics or how our government is so biased to the more fortunate. A Social Democracy versus a Capital Democracy always seemed more fair to me in school. Bernie Sanders has reignited my interest in the United States government.

I have always thought that our congressional representatives should be subject to term limits, as well as, the President of the United States, and which should not exceeded presidential term limits. Of my own accord, I began to compare the constant clogging of the legislature due to bipartisanship to a failing human heart in a body that would not survive the same..quick nod to the Anonymous program.

I also have a history of a sense of renewal on Easter Sunday, of all days. Well, there is where my mind went…

Vote Purple: Polital Service Announcement