My First 1-Star Uber Passenger Rating

1 Star RatingSo Sekat (should have been Suck It) gets in my car.

I start trip and see the navigation pop up with Echo Park; Los Angeles, CA and no address. I ask if there is a specific destination.

He says “The park; don’t you know where it is?

“No I don’t. You can either direct me or I can follow the navigation.”

“Follow the navigation.”

When navigation indicates destination has been reached, there is no park within viewing distance, so I ask my passenger if he can direct me? He gets all upset, accusing me of not know what I am doing and strongly suggesting that I use the map to get to the park, which he points out after asking to see my phone.

My biggest problem is that I don’t know which direction I am going so looking at the map is not a definite indicator that I am going in the right direction because the map is always moving.

I get him to the park (obviously not the nicer side) and ask him where he would like me to drop him. He says “Anywhere! I just want to get out of this car.”

Fine with me you miserable little prick! As I am about to drive off, he waves me down asking me to drive him around the left side. I comply, despite the instructions in my head that are telling me to give him the finger and drive off!

My first 1-star Uber passenger rating ever!




The Wood;

No surprise that the restaurant in front of this “casual hub & patio for hearty locavore fare, from brunch to burgers, & a regional beer & wine list.1

I had gone there once to try it out, but $7.00 for a bagel with cream cheese was just to expensive for my cheap ol’ ass!

1. Google

Uber Los Angeles

So now that I am out and about with a vehicle, I now have a chance to do a project I have been wanting to do: taking pictures of the different artistic expressions encountered around Los Angeles in between Uber fares.


Southwest corner of West 3rd Street and South Robertson Boulevard

This one was taken from the car. I know, I know: shame on me…but I was at a red light! Ha ha!


A little research and I discovered what used to be there…

Bird-Dog OLD
©Google Maps

Memory refreshed, I do remember this mural being there at one time.