My First 1-Star Uber Passenger Rating

1 Star RatingSo Sekat (should have been Suck It) gets in my car.

I start trip and see the navigation pop up with Echo Park; Los Angeles, CA and no address. I ask if there is a specific destination.

He says “The park; don’t you know where it is?

“No I don’t. You can either direct me or I can follow the navigation.”

“Follow the navigation.”

When navigation indicates destination has been reached, there is no park within viewing distance, so I ask my passenger if he can direct me? He gets all upset, accusing me of not know what I am doing and strongly suggesting that I use the map to get to the park, which he points out after asking to see my phone.

My biggest problem is that I don’t know which direction I am going so looking at the map is not a definite indicator that I am going in the right direction because the map is always moving.

I get him to the park (obviously not the nicer side) and ask him where he would like me to drop him. He says “Anywhere! I just want to get out of this car.”

Fine with me you miserable little prick! As I am about to drive off, he waves me down asking me to drive him around the left side. I comply, despite the instructions in my head that are telling me to give him the finger and drive off!

My first 1-star Uber passenger rating ever!