Hello McDonald’s!?

Now that I am working as an independent contractor for Uber, waiting for some income so I can fill up the car again to earn more money, I am organizing my tax documents, scanning receipts…and look what I found:

Please To Explain

Is this evidence of something nefarious occurring under Ronald’s nose?

I think I remember paying cash, yet the receipt does not indicate this. This is what brings about my question.

Then I start trying to remember the situation. What I think I remember is someone spotting me, making direct beeline to take my order in, what I remember now as a flirtatious manner. Could she have comped me? Did I pay?

Either way, the receipt is useless to me for tax purposes.

Can I expect a remedy?

I have digital documentation of the receipt, as well as the original receipt.

PS: I am still blogging about it!

I finally found a way to contact McDonald’s on their website. Now we will just wait.