ROAD TRIP: Los Angeles, CA > Edinburg, TX & Back

Gas: $322.93 / Miles: 3,600 (?)

April 29, 2016

Crossing state line one. We were going to try and take a picture each time, we crossed a state line, but we got lazy.

Learned from Cathy that Denise was living in Tucson, which we would be passing through. Why not stop by and say, “Hi!” So, we did! Turns out this would be a good move, as we were invited to stay overnight on the way back, should a need arise, and to attend an impromptu slumber party with another mutual friend that was visiting – Carina.

Next Stop: Dwayne’s; Bowie (boo-wee, thought I like bo-wee better), Arizona. You can see they have gas. What you can’t see are the pecan/pistachio groves which are either out of camera range or on the opposite side of I-10. Also out of camera range, the one street town and the supermarket that is 25 miles south. Met the mayor’s daughter, who says crime is rampant in the residential area, and knowing your suspects on a personal level due to small population just adds insult to injury.

Random sunset pics…

April 30, 2016

I had to get that beard under control so right after I arrived in Edinburg – approximately 18:00 – I went in search of a hair cut…

King Leo Haircut Barber
King Leo Gets Haircut

…and then off to the party! OMG! The humidity was hostile. I thought after all my years in Florida, I might be granted some reprieve…not so much!

May 1, 2016

Lunch, after a scheduling debacle with mother…aiyaa!

Great Aunt Cousin
Magdalena & Rosie

And then Philippine dinner – pansit, lumpia and adobo – at Art and Melanie’s house. This is Art and his brother’s and sisters, minus 1 living, 1 deceased.

Brothers Sisters Cousins
Elva, Yolanda, Tony & Arturo

May 2, 2016

When in Texas, one must partake of the Whataburger #581, so we stopped in Alice, Texas for a bite. The drive home was going to be less stressed, as we did not have a deadline, and because having made the trip already, we would not be prone to get lost so much on the trip back…so far, so good!

Realizing I had clients along our travel route, I tried to visit some of them. This is a mural inside the Hilton Palacio del Rio Riverwalk; San Antonio, Texas. Just missed my contact, as I had arrived at lunch time.

Hilton Palacio del Rio
Hilton Palacio del Rio Riverwalk; San Antonio, Texas

More random sunset pics, just before Las Cruces, New Mexico

May 3, 2016

Entering Arizona II

After driving about 13 hours, I was ready to take a break and Taco Tuesday in Tucson sounded delish. I stopped in Benson and bought a strawberry chocolate Boston cream pie. Everything was going fine, sitting relaxing, knitting, reacquainting until it stopped going fine. As I was the driver on this trip, I stayed up as late as I could – about 10:00 p.m. – but finally had to get some sleep for the drive home the next day. I was so angry as I lay there while the girls drank wine and chatted that when they finally went to bed – about 01:45 – I looked up bus trips home because I knew I would have a hard time staying awake on the road. Sure enough, but alive to blog about trip.

Got a speeding ticket in Indio…DAMMIT! These are the pictures that were going to make up my defense when I fought this in court. Oy vey!

The silver lining was the chance to visit the Cabazon Dinosaurs.