When I was a kid, people used to tell me I could be president…

…not one of them mentioned that I had to be a millionaire also, but it is so true. To that point, I am voting for Bernie Sanders who sees the benefits of free education, which at this point is only available if you divorce yourself and give your body to the government to control and abuse; and because he believes in socialism, I have faith that he can make changes to government and healthcare, as well.

If Bernie does not get the nomination, I am voting for Donald Trump because I am so sick and tired of “American royalty,” a.k.a. Hillary Clinton.

I saw Ben Carson on The View this morning. I was surprised that he had endorsed Trump, but understood his reasoning perfectly. He stated that when looking at the big picture, Trump was the only candidate that was not beholden to anyone else in government. I think this is the exact reason why Trump is so popular. People would rather take a chance with a rebel, than the same old shit.