Western Dental Mar Vista Sucks!

UCLA School of DentistryI think it was back in Fall 2015 when I has having teeth issues again. I went to UCLA School of Dentistry and reapplied for dental care. I was approved and saw a dental student. However, because my blood sugars and blood pressure are out of control, the student has not been able to perform any work on me since then. I fully understand this, but am not happy that finding dental care is so exhaustive a process.

Western DentalIn February 2016, I realized my wisdom tooth (#32) was so loose I could move it with my finger. I went on Denti-Cal’s website to find out what could be done. I found out that Western Dental – favored for their close proximity to home and available free parking – was taking denti-cal. I made an appointment, took in my medical document, containing a list of my medications and doctors, and found out that five teeth need to be extracted. I was given a release for my primary care physician and scheduled an appointment for March 11, 2016, the day the exodontist would be present – which turns out to be only once a month.

The day of the appointment, March 11, 2016, I was informed by – I believe – the office manager that the exodontist would not perform the extraction, and wanted to refer me to an oral surgeon. By this time I was having associated pain/tenderness and experiencing headaches, which I associated with poor dental health. I lost it and in an extremely loud voice castigated the office manager for the offices unprofessionalism. Seriously, they had all necessary medical information about me for two weeks, yet the inform me on the day of my appointment that care will not be administered.

When I got home, I began searching for an oral surgeon on my own. I called one, but they could not make an appointment because they did not know which day the oral surgeon would be in the office.

American Dental AssociationOn March 14, I found an oral surgeon that would see me the next day – March 15. I was told by the oral surgeon that he would extract all teeth at one time – my preferred time line, as I did not want to have to go through that experience five times – but he would need a referral stating the teeth could not be saved. This angered me as I had already been informed of this by Western Dental. When I got home, I called Denti-Cal to file a grievance regarding Western Dental’s unprofessionalism. I was referred to the American Dental Association, who is mailing a form for me to fill out an return.

My next thought was to call Western Dental Customer Service Center and file a complaint there as well, which I did with Ana. While I was on the phone, I thought to ask them – on my behalf – to secure the necessary documentation from Western Dental Mar Vista office, as I refuse to deal with such incompetence. I was told a release form was being emailed to me.

Today I checked my email and I have not received the form. I called Western Dental Customer Service, spoke with Steven and was informed the office is closed today. I informed Steven that I was documenting everything and that I would follow-up tomorrow.