Another Grievance Against Logisticare

Today I was picked up early, around 6:00 a.m., which was okay with me, but I was already worrying about how this might affect my return trip.

I arrived for treatment at 6:58 a.m., 17 minutes before my appointment time. I could not believe the machine was broken again, especially since it was broken on Friday and I had heard they called the technician. Anyway, I waited approximately 15 minutes when someone came to inform me that the machine was broken.

Because I had arrived early and was leaving earlier than my appointment time I did not know if the 20 minute wait time for my return ride was based on my appointment time or the time I was dropped off. I called Logisticare at approximately 7:18 a.m., after waiting 20 minutes from my drop off time. I was told the driver would be there shortly. At 7:37 a.m., 20 minutes after my appointment time, I called Logisiticare again because my ride home had not arrived, nor called. I was told my ride was going to ther there in 3-5 minutes. After 8 minutes, I called Logisticare again (7:45 a.m.). This time I was told the driver was in the parking lot, despite my instructions that the driver call me with his arrival notification. As I walked out ot the parking lot to investigate, I received the call from the driver.

I called Los Angeles Care Health Plan when I got home to inquire my my call from March 1, had never been returned and to add March 1 and today’s incidents to my grievance.