Xmas Parties Can Be Dangerous

Got the time of the party wrong and arrived 3.5 hours too early! DOH!

Mom and dad decided to drive home and come back later; I stayed. figuring with access to the bar, I could have a few cocktails while I waited.

Wouldn’t you know it? The minute mom and dad left, I had to “use the facilities.” Fortunately, my cousin’s came home shortly after my parents left.

It was nice to spend some time with my cousin’s while I helped them prepare for the evening’s festivities.

Forgetting that I am on anti-coagulants, I got drunk very fast and towards the end of my evening I fell down off the stairs, severely spraining both feet. I knew I would be in pain tomorrow.

Oh yeah! I spent the whole day watching television trying to stay off my poor feet, requiring the use of a walker to get  to the bathroom – thank god we had one! By days end + 2 Alleve and I was able to walk without a walker, but very slow going…aiyaa!

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