Clifton’s Cafeteria Culls Catastrophic Review

Clifton's Cafeteria So mom wanted to go to Clifton’s for her birthday dinner and we were all set to go when my sister calls and tells my mom she wants to take her out to lunch for her birthday but the only day she has off is mom’s birthday, Wednesday, December 9, 2015, so we had to postpone one day.

I was glad to have learned of the Clifton’s plans because I had never been there and figured it would be a nice surprise to be able to pay for mom’s and dad’s lunch.

So we drive to downtown only to find out they are close for a private event. We were not the only disappointed patrons; another couple had driven from down – for the second time!

Personally, I think that is crappy public relations, not informing your patrons of closures for private events…strike one…and I haven’t even eaten there yet.

Clifton's Closure