What The Fuck?


OMG! This morning I went to blog about my cancer and my potential car purchase and discovered that my posts were not displaying on my WordPress blog…just the header. It hasn’t even been a month, I added Wordfence plug-in for protection and still my blog got hacked or something…because GoDaddy sure as hell has not definitive answers. And because WordPress is open source code, it is liable to attacks. I can’t understand how it is rated number one among blog applications. Since I started blogging, I have had to start my blog over at least five or six time.

I have had it…I will simply make my own blog. While it may be simple, it will provided the much needed outlet for me. While I would love the notoriety that I hoped one day would come, it hasn’t, I’m getting old, and I am tired of waiting.

I did like WordPress, but the consistent hacking of my personal website is just intolerable. I’m a nobody – some people have way too much time on their hands.