Southern California Hospital at Culver City

Below is the letter I wrote to Southern California Hospital at Culver City regarding the poor treatment of me by the emergency administrative staff:

Open QuoteMichael Phillips
Hospital Administrator
Southern California Hospital at Culver City
3828 Delmas Terrace
Culver City, California 90231

Medical Record: #######

Dear Mr. Phillips:

I was recently admitted through the emergency room on September 1, 2015 at 9:12 a.m. with a clinical indication of left scrotal pain. Unaware of the health benefits provided by Medi-Cal, I had mother drive me there, unaware that I could have called an ambulance. Getting in an out of the car took at least fifteen minutes for me because I was in such severe pain, unable to walk, stand or sit.

While mom parked, I labored into the emergency room, to the closest window to the door due to the extreme pain. I could clearly see to obese Negroid employees with their backs to me, engaged in conversation. I began to push the button for attention. I continued to push the button for at least ten minutes while they continued to ignore me. Desperate for attention and not wanting to unleash my healthy disgust by causing a commotion, I checked the window furthest from the entrance and found an obese Negroid woman (my anger remembers her as a big black cow). The first words out of my mouth, were an explanation that I was in severe pain and could not stand, sit or walk. She began to admit me, I signed the papers and then she asked me to take a seat in the waiting room and wait to be called.

After re-explaining that I could not sit, stand or walk, I tried to lie across the chairs, but found the wooden supports between the chairs uncomfortable. It was at that point that I decided to lie down on the floor. The minute I was lying on the floor, a nurse and another employee appeared and tried to explain to me that they could not have my lying on the ground. Once again, I explained how much pain I was in, at which point a gurney was brought out, into which I was assisted and I was taken into the emergency room for treatment.

The fact that “Dilaudid 2mg IM, one time, Injection, stat” was administered should be a clear indication of how much pain I was in!

First of all, I want to be clear that I have no complaints against the medical staff, who acted with professionalism, compassion and kindness. My major complaint is against the administrative staff, who ignored me and were of no assistance whatsoever. Furthermore, I am seeking the dismissal of the three for their outrageous display of unprofessionalism and lack of empathy. To further support my request, I would like to point out a couple of theories:

I am certain that I was ignored by the three obese Negroid administrative staff because the minute I lay down on the floor, I was immediately addressed, which means to me that there is some form of camera filming the emergency lobby.

Despite having their backs to me, the two male obese Negroid administrative staff must have heard the buzzer or had a sense that I was there and neither one notified the female obese Negroid administrative staff of my presence.

Pursuant to theory 2, the female obese Negroid administrative staff, ignored the buzzer and did not even bother to address my pushing of the button for attention.

I realize that I don’t have any names of the administrative staff, but feel certain that if some easy research is conducted, you will be able to identify the female, who admitted me. I expect a reply from you at your earliest convenience with a suitable resolution to this display of ignorance, laziness and unprofessionalism.

I would like to explain my delay in reporting this incident to you. Because I was under the impression that I was restricted to one pharmacy (that delivers my meds to my home), and because I was in so much pain, I was not thinking when I mailed the prescription to the pharmacy, who requested the physical document due to the C3 prescription for Norco I was sent home with. Approximately one week later, after meds had not been delivered, I called an ambulance in the middle of the night and was admitted to Marina del Rey Hospital for the same condition, only now the infection had spread.

With pride for your medical staff and disgust for your emergency room administrative staff,

I remain,


Brenda Town
Patient Relations
Southern California Hospital at Culver City
3828 Delmas Terrace
Culver City, California 90231