King Acres Denizens

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…oh, wait! That’s a different show. Anyway, I just had to take some more pictures. Below you will see the Hippeastrum coming in, next to the Zantedeschia. Fortunately, you can’t see the flowers that were decimated by the snails. I will have to invest in snail killer next year.

King Acres

And if you look very carefully, you can see the Gladiolus Peter Pears coming below.


I must have a green thumb because I noticed a fifth bloom on one stalk of my Hippeastrums; normally there are only four.


The other day I tried to take a picture of the Columbina passerina that has taken up residence in front of my window, but she got spooked and flew away. Yesterday, I noticed the squirrel in the same tree; even the father Columbina came by to participate in the commotion. I was able to snap pictures of mother Columbina and my Peeping Tom Tamiasciurus; that squirrel is always looking in my bathroom window.

Columbina passerina

Peeping Tom Tamiasciurus

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