An Interesting Turn of Thought

Yesterday I arrived home from the Wednesday Morning Knitters, turned on the television and was immediately immersed in stories about Junior Seau and his death. My first thought: “Who is Junior Seau and why should I care that he’s dead?” I realize that some may find my thought crass, but my purpose on this earth is not to please everyone.

So where does a mind like mine go after that? Well, by yesterday evening, I was learning that he had committed suicide, and again I was being bombarded with “everyone” remembering Seau on television.

This morning, it’s all about me. First of all, yes, I think it is sad that someone as successful, who probably had anything he wanted, thought that killing himself was the only solution. I have always been taught that suicide is the epitome of selfishness, so seeing “everyone” remember Seau this morning does not sit well with me. Especially, since I pray everyday for my life to end, or at least to secure employment, but I have not attempted to kill myself. Either Seau was a big selfish wimp or I am a big fool.

And before anyone decides to get hypercritical of me, it’s not really that I don’t care, but more that I didn’t know him personally, so he is outside my realm of care. After all, it’s like Frank Barone said, “Everybody’s gonna die!”

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