April Showers Also Bring April Flowers

Dietes grandiflora

I had Dietes grandiflora all over the back yard and I know how bush they can become, so I took them out, separated the rhizomes and replanted them in the front yard. They are finally blooming and the neat thing is that they are blooming between the other bushes that were already in the front yard.

Gladiolus x Spic and Span

Yesterday I noticed that spires of flowers that had seemed like they came out of nowhere, they appeared so fast. Anyway, you can see that my Gladiolus ‘Spic and Span’ are starting to bloom. Right behind them, as usual, should be the Gladiolus ‘Peater Pears.’


This is the last post of Hippeastrum that I have. After this blooming season, I will move them with the rest of my Hippeastrum, which are just about ready to bloom. I finally found the Red one. Yay!

Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Alaska’

I took the Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Alaska’ these from the pot they were in because I did not feel that they were growing well. Sure enough, the pot was root bound because the water was draining from the pot too fast. It has only been about two weeks, but already I can see growth and hopefully, I will get a lot of blooms this year.

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2 Responses to April Showers Also Bring April Flowers

  1. gorgeous says:

    Wow, those white flowers at the top are especially beautiful! Isn’t gardening fun? I’m enjoying eating fresh peaches off our peach tree, watching the coffee beans ripen on our coffee plants (the first time since I planted them three years ago!), waiting for the mangos to ripen (next month and we should start eating fresh mango again!) and watching the lemons ripen. Just kind of fun watching everything.

  2. King Leo says:

    The Dietes are one of my favorites too, but the bloom only lasts about two days. They are rather spindly too, which in my case is good. The bushes can become very dense as the plant is very hearty.

    Love peaches! Coffee? That’s interesting. My vegetation goals are to grow a pineapple this summer. You know, mangos are welcome in Culver City if someone in Florida wants to mail some. : )