eLanes for Pedestrians?

Texting Lanes Prank

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I heard on the news today that there are eLanes for the distracted pedestrian. REALLY?

First of all, this started as a joke? If I lived in Philadelphia, I would not be laughing at the waste of taxpayer money for “The lines, signage and sidewalk graphics.” Secondly, if someone is so phone obsessed that they can’t pay attention to where they are walking, they deserve to fall, break their neck and pay for their own medical expenses. Seriously, who is going to police this?

This reminds me of a similar anecdote from The Kingdom of Leo. One evening while walking the royal pooch, Mojo, I saw a girl on a cell phone that was not paying attention to where she was walking. The King did not accommodate this fool and continued on his path. The girl had the nerve to react indignantly to The King, who admonished her for not paying attention to where she was walking, and later laughed at this digital automaton.

Even more recently, I actually went to a birthday party, venturing out. I was standing next to my cousin who was on his cellphone, wondering where his party guests were. A girl walked up to us and instead of introducing us, my cousin and the girl directed their attention to their phones. I just walked away.

For God’s sake, there is nothing that important that a real person should be ignored. It’s like people that leave their phone on and get mad because someone calls too early or in the middle of the night. You don’t have to answer the phone, ass-wipe!

Don’t even get me started on texters; why can’t they just dial the digits and talk to the person they want to contact?

2012-09-23 Addendum: While updating my blog I noticed that I had tagged Steven Buckley and Michael Nutter. Who are they? As it turns out Michael Nutter is a government official in the city of Philadelphia and Steven Buckley is a journalist for the Boston Herald. I wonder if that is from where I got my quotes.

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2 Responses to eLanes for Pedestrians?

  1. gorgeous says:

    Right there with you! It amazes me that people do not seem to realize that they live in a society surrounded by millions of people and go about their lives as if there were no one else around – leaving shopping carts blocking aisles to walk back up half an aisle because they missed something, weaving across lanes because they’re texting while driving, shouting into the cell phone in a restaurant, standing in a grocery line while the checker spends five minutes ringing up your total and only when she’s done THEN deciding to start to dig through your purse to find your credit card or check book to pay (like it’s a surprise that they would need to do that!), etc., etc. Is it just that we’re getting old and cantankerous??? Or has society really become that self absorbed?

  2. King Leo says:

    Us cantankerous? I thing society is really that self-absorbed.

    King Leo