The Two Mr. Wilsons

Joseph Kearns - Gale Gordon

Occasionally, I watch Dennis the Menace on Antenna TV. I have always associated the television show with Mr. Wilson on the left. Today, I saw Mr. Wilson on the right and wondered what event affected the change. This is what I found out via Wikipedia:

On February 17, 1962, after filming the show’s one hundredth episode, Joseph Kearns died of a cerebral hemorrhage. In a 2010 interview actress Gloria Henry revealed Kearns followed a strict six week Metrecal diet that may have contributed to his sudden death.[1] The following two episodes were filmed without the character of Mr. Wilson. Gale Gordon joined the cast for the last six episodes of the season as Mr. Wilson’s brother John. Gordon bore a closer resemblance to the comic strip’s Mr. Wilson than Kearns did. It was explained that John was staying as a guest while George was settling an estate back east. Sylvia Field, who played Martha Wilson, was let go at the end of the season. It was explained that she and George were embarking on an extended trip, leaving their home in the care of John. In the fourth and final season John Wilson purchased the house from his brother. He was joined by his wife Eloise, played by Sara Seegar. Final references to George and Martha Wilson were included in the first two episodes of the fourth season. After that the original Wilsons were never mentioned again.

1. Cobweb TV!

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  1. Dr. Lao says:

    Creepy. God, I totally forgot about the Metrical diet. It was huge back then. Everyone was on it.