Jane Eyre (2011)

Jane Eyre

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Mr. Brocklehurst: Do you know, Jane Eyre, where the wicked go after death?
Jane Eyre: They go to hell.
Mr. Brocklehurst: And what is hell?
Jane Eyre: A pit full of fire.
Mr. Brocklehurst: Should you like to fall into this pit and be burned there forever?
Jane Eyre: No, sir.
Mr. Brocklehurst: How might you avoid it?
Jane Eyre: I must keep in good health and avoid it.

SYNOPSIS: Jane Eyre Movie Website
In a bold new feature version of Jane Eyre, director Cary Joji Fukunaga (Sin Nombre) and screenwriter Moira Buffini (Tamara Drewe) infuse a contemporary immediacy into Charlotte Brontë’s timeless, classic story. Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) and Michael Fassbender (Inglourious Basterds) star in the iconic lead roles of the romantic drama, the heroine of which continues to inspire new generations of devoted readers and viewers.

The quote above from the beginning of the movie is what I appreciate about all these period movies. Mom and dad had watched this the night before, commenting that they found it boring and had to fast forward through most of it. I thought it was fantastic! I wish I could be Jane Eyre good: forgiving her evil aunt-in-law for harming her twice in her life, bravado in the face of such a hard-knocks life, reserve when it comes to falling in love with the fine Rochester, confidence and refined honesty in her dealings with others.

I thought Mia Wasikowska did a good job as the plain Jane; Michael Fassbender, while perhaps a bit too handsome, accomplished the darker moods and sinister life of his character; and Judi Dench, always a professional, excelled as the housekeeper. I was surprised to learn that Jamie Bell (Billy Elliott) played St. John Rivers.

I was totally swept up in this story, despite the bleak visuals which were spot-on for this classic tale.

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  1. sarahbea says:

    I concur. Loved it. I thought it was beautiful to watch.