I Want to Live! (1958)

I Want To Live!

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Prostitute, party girl, perjurer, bad-check passer, petty criminal. She’s all this and more…but is she a murderer? Susan Hayward won 1958’s Best Actress Academy Award® for her “sensational, nerve-shattering performance” (Los Angeles Times) in this harrowing, “must-see” (The motion Picture Guide) tale that will leave you breathless with suspense.

Arrested for fatally beating an elderly widow, Barbara Graham (Hayward) at first goads the police, refusing to answer their questions. But when an alleged accomplice turns state’s evidence, Graham insists that she’s innocent. Condemned by the press and the public, Graham is found guilty of murder and sentenced to die in the gas chamber. But as her execution date nears, Graham desperately attempts to expose the truth and save her life against all odds.

I liked-d it! Apparently, this movie was based on true-life events, which made it even more interesting. This movie must have been a scandal back in 1958.

I liked it because the movie was very accurate in its portrayal of human nature. Even when Barbara is offered a deal she shouldn’t have refused, she is determined to be a bad-ass and defy the police. I loved the scene, where on death row, Barbara states to the priest that at least she will soon see the one person that knows she’s innocent. The priest queries, “Jesus/God?” and Barbara counters, “No, the elderly widow.”

Loved it!

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