Too Many Choices

The SecretA friend of mine notified me of a part time office job. I said I would think about it. Took me two days to realize that I would be better off with a part time office job because it is less physical, better working conditions, weekends off, higher pay and this would establish me in a field to which I would be more amenable. I wrote her today and pray that I still have a chance.

So yesterday I am sitting, crocheting and the phone rings. It is DSW Designer Show Warehouse (DSW). They want me to come in Friday for a group interview. I confirmed my attendance as I knew I was available at that moment. I am supposed to call Michaels Michaels today for my schedule. I only pray that I will be able to attend. I don’t know what type of work it is, but it is closer and parking is not an issue.

My first thought when I received the call yesterday was what I had discussed with La Reina de las Abejas (The Secret The Secret proponent), who told me that once I start working I will attract more work. Imagine that!

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One Response to Too Many Choices

  1. King Leo says:

    Just found out that I am off Friday, so I can make it to the interview. Woohoo!