I Got Hired!

MichaelsThis morning I went over to Website Chrysalis for orientation. I just made it, but because I was in such a rush, I put $2.00 in the parking meter, only to discover that it wasn’t necessary. My next stop was Website Common Ground to renew my program participation. Because I have no income, I have to go to the Website Department of Public and Social Services (DPSS), and I’ll be honest with you, I am not looking forward to that at all!

While at Common Ground, I noticed a bunch of yarn on a shelf. I inquired about it and was told they had tried to start a group, but due to lack of interest, nothing had transpired. I stated that because I was unemployed, I would love to take some if it was not going to be used. My case manager checked and said I could take home a bag. God, it was hard not to be greedy.

I had called Michaels Michaels before entering Common Ground, but due to a slow internet connection, I was asked to call back. Upon leaving Common Ground, I called back, discovered I had passed the background check and was scheduled for orientation Wednesday at 09:00. I assume this means I have been hired. Praise the lord!

On the way home, I stopped by Website Halloween Adventure (previously misidentified as Website Spirit Halloween) for an interview. I don’t think it went so well, but I don’t care, as I am banking on Michaels.

I just got home and followed up on the voice mail I had received at my parents house Friday. The person I need to speak to was away from her desk, so I left a voice mail. I am still going to follow-up as this is a full time job versus seasonal work from Michaels.

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