Fingers Crossed

Fingers CrossedYesterday I received a call from Website Michael’s. The store manager wanted me to come in for an interview. He wants to hire me, but needs to conduct a background check first. Ugh! I told him about my criminal record by mistake – the form of the question on the application allowed me not to disclose that information. Pending passing of the background check, he is going to make the formal offer and I will begin my career as a seasonal employee. The Culver City Crafters already have designs to pimp me for yarn…I love it!

I must admit that it makes me feel good that I am desirable as an employee, but I keep running into that wall of regret at my past life choice mistakes.

The lady I interviewed with on Monday said she would notify the agency of her choices by the end of the day or on Tuesday. Since I have not heard from the Team One Staffing Team One, I called today to follow-up.

This morning, I found an inquiry from another actor, inquiring about a website and a colleague of mine had forwarded another contract position for a blog.

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