Running Around…

chicken…like a chicken with its head cut off; that’s how I spent my day. First stop was downtown to find a crown pinata to serve as a party decoration. As we passed the floral district, I thought a floral crown would be better. Stopping at a few places, my confidence was not high with some price quotes and others were just too high. I did manage to find cheaper forks and plates, so I stopped by Party City and exchanged all my paper supplies for some table cloths and skirts.

Then I had the idea that I could create my own floral crown decoration and bought some styrofoam. Upon arriving home, I felt I my plate was getting to full with all the cooking I would have to do, so I checked with some local florists. Long story short: I got someone to make a 3D crown floral centerpiece and ordered 3 dozen balloons. All I have to do now is buy the groceries and some flowers for yard beautification.

The stress of party preparation is manifesting in compulsive eating. I better get that under control if I want to maintain my losing streak.

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One Response to Running Around…

  1. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck….in other words….Yada, Yada, Yada!
    You know EVERYTHING will work out FINE!