Astro Boy (2009)

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Blast off with Astro Boy, the thrilling tale of a true hero!

In futuristic Metro City, scientist Tenma (voiced by Nicolas Cage) creates an amazing robot boy with hidden talents unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Astro Boy (voiced by Freddie Highmore) has super strength, x-ray vision, incredible speed and the ability to fly. But, what he really wants is to know where he belongs. When the world needs saving, he’ll discover he was made for the challenge.

Featuring an all-star cast of voice talent, it’s high-flying adventure that soars to new heights!

I was very interested in seeing this movie when I first started seeing the previews in the theaters because I had never seen the cartoon. Today while watching it, I found myself really enjoying it.

Reasons I enjoyed it: the all-star, voice-recognizable cast; the awesome animation, the gripping origins of how Astro Boy came into being; the likable characters; and the laugh-out-loud humor. After watching the movie, I want to get another dog and name it Trashcan. Even the website is pretty awesome.


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