At least I have a love life in my dreams…

Jake GyllenhaalI dreamed that I was friends with Jake Gyllenhaal and had always had a secret crush on him despite his being involved with a Black, muscular, guru of some kind, who was not a fan of Jake’s overweight family.

Anyway, I was invited to Jake’s birthday party at his boyfriend’s house, who did not care for me either because of my obesity. I saw that Jake’s family was very boorish, which gave me insight as to why Jake had turned into the gem of a person I thought he was.

Fortunately for me, Jake was on the verge of an epiphany as to why he detested overweight people and I was the person that was able to help him get some understanding. I remember helping him clean up in the kitchen, our bodies brushing past each other in the narrow space, and the intense heat between us.

As his family was leaving, with most of the boyfriend’s loose change, extra food and anything else they could get their hands on, I realized that I did not have a ride home. Jake’s mother had offered a ride, but we were halted as Jake broke down, realizing how prejudicial his thinking had become and how his boyfriend had helped to shape that prejudicial thinking.

As I was leaving I wanted to call Jake again, but didn’t dare to be so precocious. Imagine my delight when the door burst open and Jake yells to me to he wants to get together with me again and that I should call him. I wanted to do a happy dance, but maintained.

The rest of the dream was me trying to get home on the Big Blue Bus 7 line (a recurring dream symbol). La Reina de las Abejas was there; she was working for the city of Santa Monica sanitation department. And Pimpkin was there, whoever that is?

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