Sophie's Choice (1982)

Sophie's ChoiceSYNOPSIS
Streep stars a woman that survived the Nazi concentration camps, and is now living in the United States. She is observed by a young writer, as she becomes involved romantically with Kline. Based on the book by William Styron. Streep won an Oscar for her performance. Source: Cinema Blockbuster DVD Sleeve.

Having never seen this movie, I decided to check it out, as I had heard Streep’s performance commended by another actress recently on some talk show.

Okay Streep is excellent in just about everything she does and Kline was looking mighty fine. Even MacNicol was attractive in the shirtless scene. Having said that, I was not as much a fan of this movie.

First of all, why does she stay with that asshole Nathan? By the time I found out, my compassion for Sophie had run it’s course. Secondly, having been in the same position way too many times, was Stingo (Peter MacNicol) playing third wheel to Sophie and Nathan’s relationship. This role I found completely intolerable. Thirdly, this movie came off as literary pretension to me and for that added reason I did not like it. I had tried getting into Whitman once – for a guy – but it just made no sense to me; neither does Dickinson in the movie.

As for the the Nazi story that is Sophie’s history, I was not sure what to believe with all the lies that were told, so I found even "the truth" unbelievable. Even the ending did not really make sense to me.

Not recommended.

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