The Amazing Race: Stockholm, Sweden > Tallinn, Estonia

The Amazing Race

Road Block Road Block
One team member had to join the ranks of the Brotherhood of the Blackheads, a secret society of merchants that has existed in Estonia for at least 600 years, to uncover a mystery. Teams had to descend into the cellar and find a candelabra with a room number attached to it. Then, they had to locate that room where they would be given what appeared to be a blank scroll. They then had to figure out that if they held the scroll over the lighted candle, it would reveal their next clue.

Gary and Matt had to find a saunabuss parked nearby, strip down, and take a five-minute sauna with a group of locals.

In Serve, teams had to slog in the bog to play a round of volleyball against a local team. Submerged deep in the mud, they had to score five points to earn their next clue.

In Sling, teams planted themselves in the mud and, using a slingshot, fired assorted vegetables at a moose target. When they made a direct hit, the table below it collapsed dumping a pile of cabbages on the ground along with their next clue.

Woohoo! Got to see some skin in this episode. Cheyne is not bad-looking, but not nearly as hot as Dan, who’s crotch I noticed was pixelated, as well as his brothers during the Sling Detour. They did make a comment about the hot Estonian boys; they either had hard ons or they are exceptionally hung. Hmmm. Even hotter was Herbert! Mmm, mmm, mmm! CBS Recap

Team Relationship Penalty Placement
Cheyne & Meghan Dating   1
Red Cedar Sauna
Sam & Dan Brothers   2
Herbert & Nathaniel Teammates   3
Brian & Ericka Married   4
Gary & Matt Father & Son Speed Bump ELIMINATED
Maria & Tiffany Friends   QUIT
Ron & Marcy Dating   ELIMINATED
Lance & Keri Engaged   ELIMINATED
Garrett & Jessica On/Off Dating   ELIMINATED
Eric & Lisa Married Yoga Teachers   ELIMINATED
Zev & Justin Friends   ELIMINATED
Canaan & Mika Newly Dating   ELIMINATED
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