Where To Start?

CoralineI finally finished my review of Front Row Center The Duchess. Considering I took my parents and brother to see Front Row Center Coraline in 3-D on Saturday, I had better catch up. As a result of my reviews, I updated Knightly Delight Ralph Fiennes and knighted Knightly Delight Matt Lauer. After the movie, we drove to North Hollywood to check out Henry’s Tacos. We never even heard of Henry’s until the NBC Los Angeles commercial for the Link Golden Local Award for Best Taco started airing. Here’s my breakdown:

Tito’s Henry’s
  • beef chunks and shredded beef
  • fresh-made taco shells
  • fresh-made beans
  • fresh-made salsa
  • lower cost
  • approximately ten order takers
  • indoor/outdoor facilities
  • Website website
  • ground beef
  • manufactured taco shells
  • canned beans
  • salsa puree
  • higher cost
  • approximately two order takers
  • outdoor facilities only
  • no website

If you have not figured it out by now, I voted for Tito’s despite their practice of secretly upcharging for cheese. The menu says tacos are $1.60. If you order a taco, they automatically come with cheese and charge you an extra $.40 cents without telling you. Damn Mexicans! Besides the Mexican employees at Henry’s, my family and I were the only non-white customers in line.

The rest will come tomorrow, as it is approaching midnight and I am getting tired. Good night!

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