Here comes the rain again…

Eurythmics Touch…falling on my head like a memory. The memory being Florida and the glorious rainstorms. Despite a biting chill that comes with California rain, I feel like I am in my element. Being a cancerian, I guess that statement holds more truth than intended.

That memory may be a contributing factor to why I called the AA Los Angeles Central Office of AA to find a gay meeting tomorrow morning. Not because I am drinking and out of control, but for fellowship. It may not be the best reason to go, but like the Third Founder says, just be present!

Receipt of my Website Coats & Clark Newsletter has also prompted me to begin searching for a crochet group. They had a calendar of events, but none close enough for me to attend. Then I remembered that I had wanted to seek out Website Stitch N Bitch Los Angeles. Okay let’s try to find Website Stitch N Bitch Organization. Still no group. I sent an email inquiring.

Wisdom or Stupidity? No matter how much I hate people, I am always seeking them out.

PS: I just had a thought. Maybe if everyone in the United States was furloughed on every Friday, we would be back in the black again. I am all for the three-day weekend.

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4 Responses to Here comes the rain again…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Did you find a meeting? I’ll see you on Monday.

  2. King Leo says:

    Thanks for your comment! I left a voice mail. They called back, but ultimately I did not get the information in time. There is always next week.


  3. Dr. Lao says:

    Like rain makes you drink??

  4. King Leo says:

    Lao, Lao, Lao. No silly doctor, rain makes me homesick for Florida.

    Sorry for delay in reply. Pipa been on deathbead for two weeks solid. Just now up and on computer.