Muppets Xmas Special Tonight!

Michelle - Biggest Loser WinnerI am under pressure to finish my self portrait because we will be off for three weeks during winter break and I don’t have CS3 at home. I think I can finish it tomorrow. In the meantime, I posted Pretty In Pink Tuna, Pretty In Pink Equality, Pretty In Pink Discrimination, Pretty In Pink Anything But Ordinary I and Pretty In Pink Anything But Ordinary II. I also received Forwards & Back Words Iraqi Show Toss and Forwards & Back Words More Ho Ho Ho!

Last night I finally broke down and went to the market to buy some tv watching snacks. I usually go to my parents for my last meal about 18:00. Invariably, by 20:00ish I am craving something. I bought restaurant style corn chips, peanuts, chicharrones, and Little Debbie Peanut Butter Bars. I know, I said I broke down.

While snacking last night, I watched the Television Biggest Loser finale. I am so happy Michelle won. I forgot to mention the winners of Television The Amazing Race last week, but there were no surprises that Nick & Starr were going to win. I have also been following Television Heroes, which has come around to excellence and now I have to wait until February for new episodes. Another favorite show of mine is Television The Big Bang Theory; I guess because I consider myself a nerd.

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