Moose Knuckle

Moose KnuckleBecause camel toe has a sister. Tu sabes!

I just heard on the news that Ms. Etheridge will not pay taxes until gays can marry. Haleluya! I hear you sister, but while I certainly agree that if I am not recognized as a first class citizen I should not have to pay first class taxes, I think the repercussions from such an action have too great a tendency to backfire bigtime.

Grandma asked me what I want for xmas. I finally came up with something I really want: tickets to see Wicked before it is gone. I am going to take La Reina de las Abejas, she is taking Pie Heaven and mom is taking me, dad and Swiper. I am hoping to buy tickets today for the January 3 matinee.

I have been searching for a crochet beanie pattern for thread, but all I keep finding is beanie patterns for yarn. When I crocheted Off Da Hook My Best Friend’s Boyfriend I used a yarn pattern and ended up with a yamulke! I tried to improvise the rest of the pattern, but the hat started to take on funky shapes. Anyway, I contact the first ten search results only received two replies, and then they were not very helpful. Last night before I went to bed, I recieved a more helpful reply and signed up at Website Crochet Me.

And if you are interested, I received an email about how not to be insensitive to the terminally ill. I call it Forwards & Back Words Terminal Insensitivity. Wrote a post about, like to read it, here it goes.

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