I’m gonna git you sucka!

Nurse DieselOn this day in 1928 Link Mickey Mouse debuted in Steamboat Willie. This morning I added Knightly Delights Matthew Fox, Knightly Delights Scott Porter and Knightly Delights Emile Hirsch to Knightly Delights. I also added a new image for Knightly Delights Aidan Quinn.

I tell you, healthcare in this country is the biggest oxymoron in existence because they just don’t care; more like healthcareless!. It has been 10+ days since my dental appointment and the dentist still has not called me back to advise if my course of treatment has been approved. I told Maribel today that I will be calling back daily from this point forward.

While downloading a zip file for a website design class project, I noticed that instead of the advertised download speed of 6mb, the maximum transfer speed reached by my computer was 58kb. That is a significant difference and I called them because I’ll be damned if I am going to pay for a transfer rate that I am not receiving. I explained to the representative that I am aware of internet traffic and other factors, but this difference borders on fraud.

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