Happy Egg Day!

back painLast night at the DVD store, I learned on arrival that my coworker had called in sick and that the owner would be coming in. Aiyaa! Out of the frying pan and into the fire. And the cherry on top is that the owner asks me to come in today because the sick guy may not show up. I say I can be there by 18:00, but I am mad-hatin’ inside. Fortunately, he had some kid come in for an interview and started him last night, so that he could cover tomorrow because I decided to be honest and told the owner that he could not count on me and he should have a back up plan. I am planning to get my drunk on today.

easter basketAnyway, I completely forgot to take my easter basket with the rice krispie treat eggs, so I asked mom to bring it; she did. As it turns out, they were okay. Maybe the first one tasted bad because I still had crow in my mouth?

Feeling quite chipper, I quickly volunteered to jump for the string of some helium balloons on which some little girl’s short father had lost his grip. The good news is that when I came down, my lower back pain had been resolved; the bad news is that the back pain was now centered in my back. Aiyaa! Don’t expect me to be all to pleasant over the next week or so, as I have plans to start dieting and exercising. Here is my plan of action: Quit smoking, remove all sugar from diet, and start walking.

Crayon BoxBack at the store: the owner finally gave me a set of keys. I was beginning to think the stigma of being a felon was precluding me from having keys to the store. I also had the "pleasure" of training a new guy last night after the owner left. Unfortunately, the new guy is not the brightest color in the crayon box, which only frustrated me.

All right, ready for the best part? I go to set the alarm and close and lock the doors and I discover that the key I was given for the padlock is not the correct key. The alarm starts going off because the perimeter warning has been exceeded. I call the owner and he wants to tell me that I am doing something wrong. I tell him repeatedly the key is too frikkin’ big, confirming with the new guy. I finally get out of the store, only to discover that I have locked my keys in the store. Fortunately, the Costco Drug Queen was awake and came to pick me up.

bright sideFor me the fun does not stop there. I get home and realize that I don’t have my keys, so I can’t get into my apartment. I call my parents, go over and retrieve two possible sets of keys, each with at least twenty keys on them, and my mom says the key to my door is one of the keys. On the bright side, insertion of the first key gained me entry to my apartment, where I finally was able to lie down and go to sleep.

NOW…I have to clean my apartment because we are having a barbecue for Fatoe’s birthday today and I need to be prepared to receive guests, as my apartment is in the backyard where the festivities will be taking place.

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