80th Annual Academy Award Nominations

Reply to Gorgeous: Give a girl a break! I was on vacation for the past three days. I woke up early Saturday morning and was going to plant myself in front of the computer and create and update, but I thought I better take it easy and enjoy my solitude.

Saturday, January 19, I went to a christening for Madonna and afterwards to a dual birthday party for Cynthia and Gina. The picture at right was taken at the birthday party. Yes, I got to take summer Ken home with me. Woohoo! A bigger surprise at the party was the reunion with a cousin that I haven’t seen in over twenty years. As it turned out, my cousin is a friend of Cynthia; Gina is the girlfriend of my cousin.

Back on 18 January, I received a Forwards & Back Words resimay from All The Stars, which lead me to Website MuscleGallery.com, an eye-opening website. Unfortunately, the applicant has already been hired, but now that I am wide awake, I am able to post this morning’s Academy Award Nominations below.

I haven’t seen any of the movies nominated above except for Front Row Center No Country For Old Men and the following movies I have seen this weekend: Front Row Center Big Nothing, Front Row Center Candy, Front Row Center Clean, Front Row Center George And The Dragon, and Front Row Center The Bourne Identity. The Bourne Identity was a DVD that had been returned damaged, but in my viewing, I could not appreciate any defect, despite visible scratches on the DVD. I will be notifying the owner today upon my return to work.







Atonment George Clooney Cate Blanchett Casey Affleck Cate Blanchett Across the Universe
Juno Daniel Day-Lewis Julie Christie Javier Bardem Ruby Dee Atonement
Michael Clayton Johnny Depp Marion Cotillard Philip Seymour Hoffman Saoirse Ronan Elizabeth: The Golden Age
No Country For Old Men Tommy Lee Jones Laura Linney Hal Holbrook Amy Ryan La Vie en Rose
There Will Be Blood Viggo Mortensen Ellen Page Tom Wilkinson Tilda Swinton Sweeney Todd The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
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