A Day With A Mexican

I got up this morning to go to the temporary assignment in Carson. Omigod! Is that the warehouse I worked in, pictured on the Carson website? I got there okay, after about an hour and a half. The location was an industrial park, where a block equals half a mile. After walking around the entire block I found the entrance to the fenced in building and walked into the warehouse. What an experience! I felt like I had just been dropped off by a smuggling truck that had just crossed the border. The warehouse lights had not yet come to full illumination and it was dark in there. The doorway entered into a chain-link fenced-in lunch area with a microwave and a water cooler, though because of the Spanish-speak all around me, I doubted that there would be any water cooler conversation about Saturday Night Live. My expectations dashed, I made a conscious decision that I would persevere, being lead like chattel to the assembly line area. What we were doing was opening boxes of two Sony Playstations, removing the contents, repacking into new containers, inserting a Spider-Man 3 DVD, sealing the package, and replacing the Playstations into the original box. I was the end man, replacing the repackaged Playstations into the box and storing on a pallet, three across and five high. I was the only one sweating and when they called break, my first thought was, “Wow, lunch time already?” It was only 11:00; I had only been working two hours, minus training time. I decided to leave, figuring I would be a dead commuter on the way home, only to return at 07:00 the following day, requiring a 04:30 wake up, and all for $8.00 an hour – I don’t think so! The commute home was horrible; I was soaked though to my t-shirt and the cold was bone-chilling. I returned home beaten, physically and emotionally.

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