Finding Nemo (2003)

Finding NemoKOL Rating: KOL Crown KOL Crown KOL Crown


I just love this movie. The colors! The story! The animation! The characters!

Pixar has redefined Disney animation and brought it into the 21st century. I will always love the old Disney animated features: Cinema Jungle Book, Cinema Alice In Wonderland, Cinema Snow White, etc. but have really come to appreciate the Pixar animation.

My favorite character was Dory (Ellen de Generes) – “…it runs in my family! Well at least I think it does…hmmm, Where are they?” – probably because I love Ellen de Generes and her humor.

My favorite quote: “ahhhhh…you guys made me ink!”

One of the things I really like about these Pixar animations is the level of humor, which is wide and varied, reaching and entertaining young children as well as adults.

I can’t wait for the next Disney/Pixar animated feature!

VIEWING 2: August 5, 2008

KOL Rating: KOL Crown KOL Crown KOL Crown

This was another movie I borrowed from my aunt and one of my favorites.

Nemo (Alexander Gould) has been separated by his father, Marlin (Albert Brooks), due to an unfortunate event. Now Marlin, with the help of Dory (Ellen de Generes), will cross the ocean to find Nemo.

Once again, I was drawn in to the story by the Fish Anonymous meeting, the jellyfish, the sea turtles swimming in the EAC, the angler fish, the seagull, the dentist office happenings. My favorite line among so many is “I inked myself.”

This is a great movie for the family with wonderful characters and beautiful scenery and cinematography.

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