Proof of A God’s Existence

I received an email from my dad with all these rare orchids. As flora are my proof of a God’s existence and my link to spirituality, I found the email fascinating. Who else can create such a beautiful living thing? And then my cynicism kicked in and because I wanted to share the pictures with you, I did some research. Below are the ones I was able to verify through – what I consider – reputable resources:

Aristolochia salvadorensis (The Darth Vader Birthwort)
Confirmed via Diversity of Life (Confirmed via UniProt)

Aristolochia salvadorensis

Dracula simia (Monkey Orchid)
Confirmed via Wikipedia (Confirmed via Wikipedia)

Dracula simia

Ophrys apifera (Laughing Bumble Bee Orchid Bee Orchid)
Confirmed via Wikipedia (Confirmed via Wikipedia)

Ophrys apifera

Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchid)
Confirmed via Wikipedia (Confirmed via Wikipedia)


Psychotria elata (Hooker’s Lips)
Confirmed via Gardening Know How (Confirmed via Gardening Know How)

Psychotria elata

Impatiens bequaertii (Dancing Girls)
Confirmed via UniProt (Unable to confirm)

Impatiens bequaertii

Anguloa uniflora × ruckeri (common name)
Confirmed misidentification via American Orchid Society (Swaddled Babies The Single-Flowered Anguloa)

Anguloa x ruckeri

Impatiens psittacina (Parrot Flower Flower Bird Parrot)
Confirmed via Atlanta Orchid Society (Confirmed via Atlanta Orchid Society)

Impatiens psittacina

Caleana major (Flying Duck Orchid)
Confirmed via Dave’s Garden (Confirmed via Dave’s Garden)

Caleana major

Calceolaria uniflora (Happy Alien Darwin’s Slipper)
Confirmed via The Plant List (Confirmed via Wikipedia)

Calceolaria uniflora

Peristeria elata (Dove Orchid or Holy Ghost Orchid)
Confirmed via Wikipedia (Confirmed via Wikipedia)

Peristeria elata

Pecteilis Habenaria radiata (White Egret Flower Orchid)
Confirmed via Wikipedia (Confirmed via Wikipedia)

Pecteilis radiata

Kingdom of Leo v 5.1

OMG! Let me fill you in on what has been happening in the Kingdom of Leo…

A little history…I have been blogging on Kingdom of Leo since 2004. Everything was fine until one day, my blog got hacked and I had one of those red-page malware warnings on my website. I backed up my blog and set to starting over, figuring I could import the old blog files. Guess what? That didn’t work, so at that time, I love approximately ten years of blogging.

More recently, I had a problem on September 20 of this year where I had to start over again. I was running WordPress with Twenty Sixteen theme and Wordfence plug-in and still encountered a problem: my blog would not display, but I could see everything in my WordPress admin panel.

Completely disgusted by GoDaddy (my website hosting provider) and WordPress (blog), I set to designing my own blog. That took one day. Because I only had a months worth of posts, I decided to recreate them. That also took about one day. However, in the midst of recreating posts, I decided to test and discovered that my index in one folder was disappearing off the remote root directory after upload. After several calls to GoDaddy – who were not helpful at all because while they provide access to download WordPress, they offer no support for the program.

I was finally able to detect the problem: I had copyrighted images on my file and GoDaddy servers were kicking it back. I rectified my problem by taking a screenshot of the image and posting that instead. I will deal with copyright infringement when it rears it’s ugly head.

So now that I don’t think it was WordPress, I am ready to try it one more time. Easier said than done. I cannot apply Twenty Sixteen theme because the version (4.3.1) of WordPress does not support it. How the fuck did I have it on my blog before!

So now I am using Twenty Fifteen for ease and convenience. My biggest problem now is that I want to reconstruct my posts, but have two afghans I need to finish before xmas. Aiyaaa!

CalFresh Drama

Open QuoteRancho Park
11110 West Pico Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90064

To Whom It May Concern:

I was previously receiving CalFresh benefits under case #——-. In August 2015, I received my SAR back from DPSS-Central Scanning Unit #2, stating “Incomplete Hypolite 8-10-15” and requesting return of missing information before September 1, 2015 – I had forgotten to attach proof of income.

On August 18, I completed the form and scanned my proof of income. I mailed the completed form and proof of income to DPSS-Central Scanning Unit #2; La Cienega; 9800 La Cienega Boulevard, 11th Floor; Inglewood, California 90301 on August 26, 2015.

On October 8, 2015, I left a message at 866-613-3777 requesting call back regarding status of my CalFresh benefits.

On October 2 I spoke with Lim Wu, who transferred me to Tina, who informed me that it could take 30-45 days to process my application.

Today, October 16, 2015, I called to follow up on my application. I cannot detect any movement on my application (Attachment 1: screenshot from my computer). Neither Ms. Conley or Ms. Elizondo were able to even confirm my application (Attachement 2: print out from computer) has been received. Ultimately, Ms. Elizondo asked ME to contact DPSS and request confirmation that my application has been received. I am not writing this letter, as the phone number printed on my application for the Rancho Park office is invalid.

At this point, I am breaking down from the EXCESSIVE waiting. As you can see, I am copying Mayor Garcetti and Governor Brown on this correspondence in an effort to maybe jumpstart DPSS laziness. To this end, I would like to suggest that when an application is submitted online, a case number should be assigned immediately, so that when normal people call to follow-up on services they are so desperately waiting for, at least a representative can see and provide more accurate information.

Ironic that someone with such a strong work ethic (myself) is unemployed and has to suffer all the ineptness at the Department of Social Services. You should hire me and I could be processing those applications the day they are received!

In the meantime, I am using my meager income (estimated at $8,000.00/year) to feed myself, which is eating into my rent and could possible get me evicted…at which point I will camp outside Mayor Garcetti’s house and beg off him…if necessary.

I am requesting:

  • confirmation that you have received my application
  • assignment of a case number upon receipt of online applications
  • that our government remove their heads from their asses and get to work

I also want to take this opportunity to ASK AGAIN, that our government stop wasting paper by printing out translation services (Attachment 3) and mailing with EVERY SINGLE MAILING. If immigrants want to move here, our national language is ENGLISH!

  • I should have to PRESS 1 for English
  • Immigrants should be held accountable for learning the language of the country they are going to relocate to

Finally, I will be posting this debacle via social media so that others may be aware of our shoddy system and may be helped by my experience.


L——- ——-
—– —— ——
—— —-, ———- ———-


Eric Garcetti
200 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Edmund Gerald Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, California 95814

Hilda Solis
856 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 West Temple Street
Los Angeles, California 90012

Chrysler PT Cruiser

DeterminationTwo days ago I got my blog design down and was able to come up with a workable structure. Yesterday, I began reconstructing my post, as I didn’t have too many, about a month’s worth.

Today I had an issue with one of my pages not displaying or maintaining residence on my remote server. After four calls to GoDaddy – with minimal support – I was basically able to figure out the problem and it has been fixed. It turned out I the remote servers were kicking back the index file because it contained copyrighted images. Even after I converted them to screenshots, I still had problems. I think my computer is just tired of being overworked, but I have to get this done before the number of posts are out of control.

Tomorrow, I will work on finishing post construction and begin making sure all connections are valid and that my blog structure is sound.

What The Fuck?


OMG! This morning I went to blog about my cancer and my potential car purchase and discovered that my posts were not displaying on my WordPress blog…just the header. It hasn’t even been a month, I added Wordfence plug-in for protection and still my blog got hacked or something…because GoDaddy sure as hell has not definitive answers. And because WordPress is open source code, it is liable to attacks. I can’t understand how it is rated number one among blog applications. Since I started blogging, I have had to start my blog over at least five or six time.

I have had it…I will simply make my own blog. While it may be simple, it will provided the much needed outlet for me. While I would love the notoriety that I hoped one day would come, it hasn’t, I’m getting old, and I am tired of waiting.

I did like WordPress, but the consistent hacking of my personal website is just intolerable. I’m a nobody – some people have way too much time on their hands.

James Franco: King Cobra

James FrancoJames Franco Plays Gay Yet Again In Porn Industry Murder Story ‘King Cobra’

Who knew he played gay even once before?

Open QuoteFranco has starred in many films as gay characters, including Milk, and Howl, and The Broken Tower, and Interior Leather Bar. This has only added to the speculation about his sexuality. In I Am Michael, he plays a gay character once again. This time alongside Zachary Quinto, and he spoke about his homosexual roles and how they have changed him in an interview with Vulture for the film.


Funny thing is, I have Milk. I should watch again.

Open QuoteThe plot comes from the real-life 2007 murder of adult film producer Bryan Kocis, killed by two aspiring porn stars.


Despite not possessing any personal knowledge of Bryan Kocis, I am a fan of gay porn, Mr. James Franco, Mr. Christian Slater, and getting to know Mr. Brent Corrigan better.

OMG! Molly Ringwald in cast list.

Kaposi Sarcoma

Kaposi Sarcoma
©Kingdom of Leo

I finally heard form the dermatologist…Kaposi Sarcoma has been confirmed.

The weird thing is that the discoloration originally presented after I broke my ankle – for the first or second time – I’m not sure. That was over 20 years ago. I was told previously that it was a vascular issue – unresolved blood.

Now I am being told it is Kaposi Sarcoma. WTF!? I am HIV+, but not AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrom)-symptomatic, which is when this diagnosis usually presents. This has me really concerned.

I will reschedule my doctor’s appointment to an earlier date, so that I can find out what the plan of treatment will be. A doctor mentioned in passing during a previous appointment that chemotherapy might be applicable.

We’ll see.

Oh, and by the way, I am not in any pain or discomfort, except for the excision sites, which are healing well.